Caroline Cuny

With a passion for fast paced media and documentary films, Caroline's hope is to make films that share the stories of people who would otherwise be unheard. Caroline is now in her second year in the Documentary Film Program at Wake Forest University, working towards her Master of Fine Arts. Fred Cuny was Caroline's uncle and his story has always fascinated her. Though she was young when he died, she always wanted to share his story. She is thrilled about the chance to tell this exciting tale with her co-producer and thesis partner, Bryan Campbell.

Bryan Campbell

An enthusiast in learning anything about everything, Bryan is a visually minded person who loves technology, art, a challenge, and a good story. As a filmmaker who is interested in drama, science, politics, and inspiring individuals, Looking for Trouble presented the perfect blend of a thrilling story mixed with deeper meaning. In addition to Looking for Trouble, Bryan has received recognition for his earlier films Stuff About Stuff and Abroad Horizon at film festivals across the country.

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